Flirty Little Secret Products at Polina’s Privé

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Flirty Little Secret

catch of the day fish (2)And so we bring you our last pre-Valentine’s Day suggestion—after this, you’re on your own. And we’re proud to say that it’s mostly  geared to the single among us. Make that the single-and-scientific-about-it among us. We’ve all experienced the natural magic of pheromones—those mysterious chemicals we each emit (like it or not) that stimulate olfactory (that is, smell-related) receptors in the subconscious of others, setting off a chain of reaction in the body’s chemistry that basically makes the brain go, in the words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on.” We’ve heard tell of bottled pheromones—a strange potion you can rub on your skin, so that when you go out the club you’ll be triggering all sorts of chemical responses on the dance floor. But such a utilitarian approach can seem maybe a little like cheating. But Flirty Little Secret’s line of pheromone-infused body butters, creams, and oils makes getting all stunk up feel fun, sexy, and indeed, like a flirty little secret.

Polina’s Privé, the Fells Point fine lingerie store, espouses that “a beautiful outfit, like a beautiful woman, begins with what’s on the inside.” We dig that. And the Flirty Little Secrets line is just one of the many fabulous offerings you’ll find there. The line includes Flirty Little Secret’s luminizing body butter, firiming bronzer, and perfume oil. Each one layers well with the other products in the line, or works perfectly on its own. We’re not prepared to give a personal testimonial on the actual seductive powers of the stuff (yet…) but each product smells and feels so good that really, how could they not boost your confidence and—by extension—sex-appeal?

Polina’s Privé is located at 724 S. Broadway. For more information, visit

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