Flying into the New Year with In-Flight Theater

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In-Flight Theater

catch of the day fish (2)Human beings do not have wings or feathers or hollow bones. Just thought we’d put that out there in case you hadn’t noticed. And yet, flying has fascinated our species since basically forever. Flight fantasies have driven everyone from Putin to the Wright brothers to Leonardo Da Vinci to that crazy guy who just did that stunt a couple of months ago. We often have dreams (like, literal sleepy-time dreams) of flight and wake feeling both exhilarated and disappointed that in reality we remain put upon by gravity. But you can take one small step toward being airborne with In-Flight Theater’s aerial workshops—which will go great with a “get in shape” New Years resolution.

For years, Mara Neimanis has been Baltimore’s go-to person for instruction in aerial arts. For the uninitiated, that means she teaches trapeze work, and how to climb and do acrobatics on those long, hanging  strands of colored fabric you’ve probably seen in Cirque Du Soleil and its brethren. Despite its appearances, this kind of work doesn’t require superpowers—just a good bit of upper body strength, and an equal serving of determination. Neimanis’ workshops can be as short as an afternoon, or span several weeks. She offers classes for the very beginner, and for those who’ve already got some flying under their belts. If you want a way to gain strength, flexibility, confidence, and the ability to fly this year, these workshops might be just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Thank you so much Donna for this lovely and charming article. I really appreciate it and your explanation of my work is great-often it does get confusing. Thanks again for putting me in a place where people can learn more about my work! So kind and such a nice surprise!!

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