Food Trucks and Great Causes at Baltimore’s Gathering

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Food trucks at the gathering

catch of the day fish (2)This Friday, head down to the Baltimore Museum of Industry for food trucks galore at The Gathering. The Gathering is basically a foodie’s dream come true, particularly on these warm spring evenings, when you can stroll between trucks, sample some of the finest eats from vendors all around our city, and take in the casual, family friendly atmosphere that The Gathering has to offer. Gatherings happen almost every week, and each time, money raised from the event goes toward a local good cause, so you can feel even better about the great time you’re having.

This week, some of the awesome food vendors you can expect are Gypsy Queen, Grr Che, and South Carolina BBQ. But of course, there are many more, too. The food situation is truly out of control, so come with friends and split a veritable smorgasbord of delights. Also, you’re likely to see artisans and crafters, and the likes of GoGo’s Retread Threads—one of our favorite vintage clothing spots (and the only mobile one we know of). The Gathering offers an open bar for a set price, as well as the aMuse Kids Gathering Zone, where parents can let the kids loose for a bit while unwinding from a long week. In other words, everybody wins.

This week’s gathering takes place Friday, April 18 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry from 5pm-10pm. For more information about The Gathering, visit

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