For those already planning this weekend’s regrets…

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Gore Dean Baltimore Behavior Card

Mae West famously said, “When I’m good, I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad I’m better.” That attitude (along with her looks and Hollywood star status) surely helped keep her in the good graces of hostesses, dates, and others who  likely cleaned up behind her after a particularly good time. Many of us, however, could use a little something extra when begging pardon for, shall we say, less than perfect behavior.  What to do? Flowers? A homemade pie? A replacement lampshade?

The folks at Dempsey and Carroll suggest you forget all that and stick to the point with these cheeky and humorous cards. They come in both “his” and “hers” versions, and simply apologize for, as the designers so generously put it, “any misbehavior – real or perceived.” They’re available here in Baltimore at Gore Dean and can be purchased either as single cards or in packs of ten for repeat offenders.

Gore Dean is located in Cross Keys at 5100 Falls Road  Baltimore, MD 21210

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