Franchot Questions Request for $300M to Serve 860 Youths

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Peter Franchot. Photo via the Comptroller's Office.
Peter Franchot. Photo via the Comptroller’s Office.

Like you might have expected, when the state Department of Juvenile Services submitted $300 million in contracts to serve 860 children to the Maryland Board of Public Works, it didn’t go how DJS wanted. Ever since our consistently frugal comptroller Peter Franchot was joined on the three-member board by our new Republican governor Larry Hogan, the board has been far less spend-happy.

As reported in the Washington Post, the board deferred action on the 31 contracts which were criticized for working out to $346,000 per child served. Franchot also chastised DJS for not providing performance reviews of the 31 vendors.

DJS explained that actual costs would be more like $110,000 per child; the rest of the money being a cushion. Franchot didn’t like the sound of that. Neither did Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, who was filling in for Hogan as the governor tours Asia.

However, at the same meeting, Rutherford expressed his disappointment “in a number of typographical errors in the agenda,” so maybe they was nit-picky spirit in the air.

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