Free Sunday Art Classes for Kids at the BMA

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Kids Art Classes at the BMA

catch of the day fish (2)This weekend is all about art. That is, it’s all about Artscape. Of course for some, that means all about staying away from the throngs of tourists, the beating sun, and the utter lack of parking. But even if you spend the day (or the whole weekend) trying to steer clear of Station North and the country’s largest free public art festival, you can still get your art on—and get the little ones in on the action with the BMA’s free family activities on Sunday afternoon. It’s a great (and air conditioned way) to introduce kids to fine art, and to explore creative, hands-on art-making that goes beyond the usual “art class” stuff.

The BMA is always free, and always supportive of our littlest creative-types. All around the museum, you can find icons of Henri Matisse’s dog Raoudi, which indicate family-oriented fun nearby in the museum’s galleries. So after you’ve followed Raoudi’s path throughout the exhibits, you can settle in to the museum’s second floor classroom for a free art workshop for kids that lasts from 2pm-5pm. Each one tackles a different subject or style, and if this weekend’s workshop leaves the kids wanting more, you can come back every subsequent week, too. And for those who want more, more, more, the last Sunday of each month comes with an informal chat by a museum guide, who will talk to kids about a specific piece in the museum’s collection. After a few sessions like that, the little ones may well be ready to curate their very own Artscape. Watch out.

Free Family Sundays at the BMA take place each Sunday, from 2pm-5pm. Classes are free and no registration is required. For more information, visit

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