Full Society’s IndieGogo Campaign was a Success! Coming Soon to a Restaurant Near You.

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static1.squarespaceFor a startup company, a moment to rest in the group’s accomplishments are rare.  There is a furious sprawl in every direction.  Expectations are constantly deceiving.  It’s like throwing a boomerang away from you, and, while you expect it to come back shortly, you are instead greeted by a dozen random basketballs being pelted in your direction.

No question during a startup’s first year is answered simply.  Nothing is what it seems, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the intense work ethic, networking, and fear of losing momentum.

At the end of each day, the odds are against you.

Well, three days ago, after a final kick off at City Café—a well-respected restaurant in Baltimore—the opposite was true for Full Society.

A startup founded in Baltimore, specializing in a humanitarian-based model for mobile bill pay (niched for restaurants), Full Society prided itself on one of those brief moments of peace.team-photo-ladies-e1431003684754

Upon exceeding their goal of $20,000 for an IndieGogo campaign, Full Society met a moment of not just celebration, but recalibration—a moment to remember where they started. Through the 30 days of fundraising, friends and family of Full Society’s Founding Team secured over $20K in fixed funding—meaning if Full Society did not raise the proposed amount, they would have had to give it all back.

Not only did they raise money, they raised hope.  The IndieGogo campaign was pivotal for the next step in the process, because it brings them back to the basics:  they have friends, family, and supporters who believe in not only the idea, but also themselves:  the team.  Every investor wants to know there is a team behind the team.

The IndieGogo funding did not come from investors who believe in the idea, but the dozens and dozens who believe in the people pushing Full Society forward.

Full Society’s moment of reflection the following day was spent with the Founding Team thanking their supporters, and there is more personal gratitude to come, but for now, Full Society has the confidence to reach their next new exciting level of investor funding.  More importantly, Full Society learned the lesson that a startup does not start with the Founding Team, it starts and sustains itself with those who support the members of the team.

Full Society would like to take this moment to thank the parents, friends, and supporters who believed in the team.  Not only is this a moment for excitement, but for a deeper confidence moving forward.

We believe it is rare, and we do not take it for granted, that we have this support.  The last thing we want to do is let you down, so we thank you for our first moment of peace.

It won’t be our last.  But it was our first.  Those who supported, we look forward to inviting you for our beta testing: coming to a restaurant near you soon.

To read more about the campaign, click here.

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