Future Islands Song Played at the Grammys!

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Future Islands song played at the Grammys
Give ’em hell, boys!

Baltimore’s beloved synth-pop group has definitely arrived. Of course, they’ve been a revelatory live experience and startling songwriting machine ever since they formed in the wake of Art Lord & the Self-Portraits. But after their “jaw dropping” David Letterman performance last March, the group started accruing accolades from celebrities like Dave Grohl (who praised frontman Samuel T. Herring’s performance) and Bono (who equated their song “Seasons” with “a miracle”). And last night their music was heard on the Grammys broadcast.

The unmistakable sounds of Future Islands could be heard as Dave Grohl paid tribute to David Letterman! As soon as someone uploads video of it, I’ll post it here.

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  1. Robert- I hear you are really into music! What songs would you suggest I check out form this group? Great news for a Baltimore band. I’m always looking for new music, but it’s overwhelming.

    • Laurel, I recommend “Seasons,” “Balance,” “Old Friend,” “Beach Foam,” “Changing Your Life,” and “Little Dreamer.”

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