Garbage Truck Owner, Driver Plead Guilty in Landfill Bribery Case

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Landfill 024The owner and a driver of a Maryland trash hauling company admitted to their respective roles in a long-running bribery scheme at the Baltimore’s Quarantine Road Landfill.

According to U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein’s office, Glenn Services owner Quentin T. Glenn and truck driver Jessie L. Wilson, Jr., pleaded guilty to bribing landfill employees so they wouldn’t have to be charged the disposal feel of $67.50 per ton. The city lost $7 million in revenue through the scheme, investigators said.

The feds recorded conversations through a wiretap, picking up calls between Wilson and a landfill employee as they discussed how Glenn would pay up for 34 trips (That’s $3,400 in bribes). The two later met in a parking lot, where Wilson handed over $2,500, and said he would pay the rest that week.

In April, Glenn personally met with the employee and paid $4,000. Glenn also agreed to meet with the employee directly instead of going through lower employees, and agreed that they would exchange money every 10 trips.

Glenn Services is among four haulers caught up in the wider scheme to date. A total of 11 people were indicted in the bribery case, including three employees.




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