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Reading with One Maryland One Book

catch of the day fish (2)You know that feeling that permeated the city when the Ravens won the Super Bowl? How everywhere you went, people had something to talk to each other about? We’d all shared the collective experience of seeing our birds make it all the way there, and then triumph in that last quarter. And so whether at the coffee shop or on the street or at the bank, we had an easy in for a conversation with a stranger. Our shared pride connected us and made made the city feel small. That’s kind of the idea behind One Maryland One Book– except instead of a focus on Ray Lewis, it’s on author Reyna Grande. And instead of gathering around our TVs eating 7-layer dip, we’re gathering around library tables to discuss a fascinating piece of contemporary literature: Grande’s The Distance Between Us. So yeah, it’s a little different from the whole Super Bowl thing, but the idea of uniting the whole state in this way is something we’re thrilled to get behind.

One Maryland One Book is now in its seventh year. Each year, the program brings together diverse people in communities across the state through the shared experience of reading the same book. Simple. And there are so many ways to participate. Obviously, you can just read the book on your own, or as part of your established book club. But you can also attend discussions and other associated programs at public libraries, high schools, universities, museums, bookstores, and community and senior centers. There are discussion groups, relevant film screenings, and Grande herself will be doing a statewide book tour in September. All you need to do is pick up a copy at your local bookstore or library, and get those pages turning.

For more information on One Maryland One Book, and a full calendar of events, visit the program’s website.




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