Getting the Most Out of Life with Two Health Nuts

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Is the specter of Thanksgiving starting to keep you up at night? Are you already letting your fitness regime slip in anticipation of holiday madness? Or maybe you’re deciding to just call the next couple months a wash, with a resolution to start fresh in the New Year. If you find yourself answering, “Yes,” it’s time you were introduced to the new gals in the neighborhood…

Welcome the “2 Health Nuts,” a Baltimore-based company that is setting out to change the way you think and approach wellness. Principals, Janine Serio & Daria Shaw, share their passion of health and fitness through their fun, fresh, and 100% personalized programming that are tailored to meet your goals and interests. Whether you prefer the atmosphere of a functional training studio, working with a group of friends in the comfort and convenience of your home, or want to share the gift of fitness in the work place, let the 2 Health Nuts create your space.

“Anytime we make a change, it can only take on a lasting quality if it comes from within.”

With a strong emphasis on setting realistic and sustainable goals, Janine & Daria cultivate a way to “fit” the mind-body connection in to your lifestyle.


They are your “no excuses no-it-all’s!” From personal training and nutrition round tables, to mindset coaching and behavioral change, the 2 Health Nuts work hard to create a natural progression, and top-notch experience, for their clientele.  With a menu of customized services to choose from, Janine & Daria will provide you [the client] with the education you need to become a genuine “health nut” yourself.

Interested in learning more? Connect with the “2 Health Nuts” at:


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