Gilman School will launch a pre-kindergarten starting in the 2019-2020 school year. The move comes as part of a larger lower school initiative, the Early Childhood Program.  

The Early Childhood Program will comprise pre-kindergarten through first grade and emphasize the importance of exploration, imagination, and curiosity. Grades two through five, known as the Elementary Program, will continue to build on the foundational skills learned in the early childhood years. Taken together, the two components will provide age-appropriate learning environments that will challenge each of the school’s youngest students to reach his full potential while in the lower school.

During the inaugural year, Gilman will prioritize pre-kindergarten applications from the current Gilman community although the school encourages all interested families to apply. For more detail about the application process, please visit the website.

For additional questions about the launch of pre-kindergarten, please contact Mary Furrer, Director of Lower School Admissions, or 410-323-7284. Pre-K Open House at Gilman is October 17.

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