Glam&Go Hair Styling at the Gym

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Glam and Go Hair Styling

catch of the day fish (2)Working out is supposed to make you look and feel good—and over the long term, it does. But those moments post-workout are certainly not glamorous ones. Your face is red and sweaty, and your hair is, well, “bad hair day” doesn’t even begin to explain the situation. But most of us have to squeeze in gym time as it is, and if you’ve got to rush off to work or a social engagement, you probably can’t afford to spend the rest of the day with gym hair. And that’s just what the folks at Glam&Go were thinking when they founded their amazing service. Basically, Glam&Go offers in-gym hair styling and blow outs. So you get professional, salon-quality hair with the convenience and speed you need after a drop in at the gym.

“Most women today have the hour of time carved out for the gym, but not the additional 30 minutes to an hour it takes to get back into their schedules looking up to par. Glam&Go was designed to make gorgeous hair and busy schedules compatible for the first time,” says founder Erika Wasser.  “In a world of compromise, Glam&Go allows women to do it all. You don’t have to skimp on exercise or on looking good.” One of Glam&Go’s goals is to make great hair—and the confidence boost it comes with—accessible and affordable. Dry-wash & blows (including braided styles) cost $20, and full wet-to-dry blowouts where “you shower, we style” are $35. Glam&Go’s services are currently available at local Merritt Athletic Clubs—and if we’re lucky, they may even be at other local gyms soon, too. Fingers crossed.

For more information, or to book an appointment with Glam&Go, visit

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