Good Luck Ravens Shirts for Those Who Don’t Own Jerseys

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No Weapons T Shrit

catch of the day fish (2)This week’s news is abuzz with what Baltimoreans are doing and wearing for good luck on Sunday. You might have noticed a coworker wearing the same “lucky jersey” every single day this week as a sure-fire way to help the Ravens win. We’ve heard tales of people not cutting their hair or shaving. We’ve seen some of the most bizarre trinkets and statuettes being toted around and rubbed compulsively. And that’s great. The more magic we’ve got on our side, the better, right? And yet, we know there are those among us who, though filled with civic pride, and excitement about the game, are new to this whole thing. Maybe so new that you don’t have your official game day outfit all planned out. But be warned: not wearing purple on Sunday could be like not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day. Ouch.

What to do? Hop over to Atomic Books in Hampden for a shirt that tells your neighbors “I’m with you, but I might have no idea how the rules of football work.”Of course the hip, irreverent tastemakers at Atomic Books would pick this shirt for their store. In vibrant purple (important) it feature’s Ray’s face, with his famous “No weapons” repeated down the front. If you’re a little clueless about what that’s supposed to mean, or why it’s (presumably) funny, don’t worry. As the store’s website says, “We don’t know what he meant either.” Don this T at your Super Bowl party and we can guarantee you’ll pass—if not for a superfan—at least for someone with a good sense of humor.

Atomic Books is located at 3620 Falls Rd. in Baltimore. You can also visit for more information.

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