Good News: No Super Bowl Appearances Projected for the Ravens for 25 Years

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ESPN’s Thomas Neumann released projections for the next 25 Super Bowls, and the Baltimore Ravens don’t appear once.

The last time the Ravens were predicted to win it all, we wound up with a losing season (I’m sure you remember). So, while Baltimore Beatdown‘s Yitzi Weiss takes exception to the oversight, fans probably ought to be breathing a sigh of relief.

Of course, meteorology is a full-on ology, and still, weather predictions more than a few days into the future are suspect. So predicting 25 years’ worth of Super Bowl match-ups is beyond absurd. And Neumann has fun with it. His predictions include the appearances of as-yet-nonexistent teams, such as the San Antonio Chupacabras and the London Monarchs.

So go ahead and read it. The narratives make a fun read, and they are Ravens-jinx-free.


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  1. I’m OK with this but want to know why we didn’t have any Super Bowl babies? C’mon, the city that breeds? Plus we are the only city in the USA to win Super Bowls with 2 different franchises.(Not to mention the only USA city to win a Grey Cup!)

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