Goucher to Accept Video Applications in Lieu of Transcripts

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Goucher to accept video applications

If you feel that your high school transcript and standardized test scores don’t reflect your suitability for college, then holy cow have I got an institution for you. Goucher College officials have decided to allow prospective students to submit two-minute videos not along with but instead of grades and SAT scores. They believe they’ll be the first college to do so.

Over the summer, Goucher got a new president, Jose Bowen, and this is one heck of a first impression. Bowen hopes the video option (which is submitted along with two “works of scholarship”) will bring more low-income and first-generation students into their applicant pool.

The Baltimore Sun quotes Bowen: “The SAT is fairly predictive on how well you’ll do in school, but predictive isn’t a certainty.” It’s not a terribly compelling argument — is a two-minute video a certainty? — but it’s important to remember that the conventional application route is still available. The video option will be used by people who don’t feel that the common application tells their story.

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