Gourmet Popsicles from KarmaPop

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catch of the day fish (2)Wow. Just when you think you’re ready for summer to be over and thinking that maybe it’s time to let the cool weather roll in, there’s a new reason to crave the heat. And the one we just discovered is KarmaPops. They’re pretty much the freshest thing going, in that they’re both new (the Kickstarter that made them happen only closed last month) and also, truly, truly fresh. As in, they freshly juice everything that goes into their pops. They don’t use anything artificial, fake, or from concentrate. And then, as though they couldn’t get any more loveable, they ride them around not in a food truck, but in a tricycle. Yes, they are Baltimore’s first (and so far, only) tricycle-based food vendor. Could we love them any more?

The only problem, of course, with the tricycle method is knowing where to find these super-crave-worthy treats on a given day. But owner Krystal Mack and her amazing pops can be found at a variety of events and community hubs (like the Pixilated Photobooth). And for those who are wondering what will in fact happen when the weather cools off and ice pops lose some of their seasonal appeal, KarmaPops also moonlights as a delicious homemade hand-pie vehicle (Pie-Cycle Hand Pies). So there’s no need to worry that Baltimore’s most charming food vehicle is going to run out of ideas any time soon.

KarmaPops are available at various events, and also for catering. For more information on where and when to find them, visit their Facebook page.


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