As Grand Jury Decision Looms, Baltimore Activists Plan Ferguson Protest

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Baltimore plans Ferguson protest
Officer Darren Wilson

A grand jury is currently weighing whether Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson will be charged with any of several crimes in the shooting death of Michael Brown in early August. Baltimore-area activists are planning a demonstration at McKeldin Square, whatever the outcome. “We will be out there [in Baltimore] regardless of whether they indict or not,” Rev. C.D. Witherspoon, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, told WJZ. Witherspoon and other Baltimore activists organized a protest of the killing of Michael Brown back in August.

Baltimore police have voiced their support of “the right of assembly,” but the mayor says Baltimore is on alert and that she “hope[s] whatever protests we have in Baltimore will be peaceful.”

The FBI is wearing its fears of violence breaking out in response to the grand jury’s decision on its sleeve. The bureau released a bulletin Friday that warned police around the country to prepare for the possibility of armed attacks against law enforcement by people wearing gas masks and bulletproof vests.

The FBI has said it doesn’t have intelligence about any attacks. It just released the bulletin to raise awareness about the possibility.

Let’s hope not only that the protesters be “peaceful,” but also that law enforcement not get so worked up over the thought of bulletproof-vest-wearing assassins that they can’t keep level heads.


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