The Great Halloween Lantern Parade

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Halloween Parade

catch of the day fish (2)Alright, maybe you don’t even need us to remind you. After all, the Great Halloween Lantern Parade is now as much of a Baltimore institution as the lights on 34th Street. But at the same time, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say it loud and clear: GO! GO! GO! Don’t miss it! The lantern parade is just one of those things that makes one feel all warm and fuzzy and geez-I-love-my-city-ish. It’s free to attend, perfect for kids and adults alike, and you can be as involved (Bring a lantern! Bring five! Dress up! Enter a contest! Volunteer!) or uninvolved (Just show up and spectate!) as you want. Anything goes. Just make sure to come ready for some major good feelings and gorgeous visuals. Presented these days by the Creative Alliance, the Great Halloween Lantern Parade has certainly grown since its inception years ago by local puppeteer Molly Ross. What started as a small experiment in getting folks out to Patterson Park for a community Halloween get together quickly caught fire (not quite literally) and exploded into an all-out Halloween extravaganza that we look forward to every fall. If you’ve never been, make this your year. If you already know and love the parade, maybe this is the year to really get ambitious with your lantern (or costume) making.  There are costume contests for adults and kids, along with food, drink, and merriment throughout the day and well into the night.

The Great Halloween Lantern Parade takes place Saturday, October 25th in Patterson Park. For more information, visit

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