Greenmount Cemetery Guided Tours

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Greenmount Cemetery

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore has plenty of haunted spots throughout the city. And we’ve got quite a few folks offering great ghost walks around Fells Point, Mount Vernon, and other historic (and implicitly haunted) neighborhoods. After all, with so much history here, surely there are at least a few restless souls hanging around the waterfront, causing mischief and mayhem, right? And though Halloween is a great time to go on one of these ghost tours, many of them operate year-round. But only during May and October does Wayne Schaumburg lead weekly guided tours of the historic Greenmount Cemetery every Saturday morning.

Mr. Schaumburg has degrees in history and liberal arts from three local universities (Towson, Morgan State, and Hopkins).  He began giving tours of the cemetery in 1985 as a volunteer with the City Life Museums and has been doing it ever since. The cemetery is home to many Civil War generals, Johns Hopkins himself, and of course John Wilkes Booth. And though we’re not doubting the veracity of any of the local ghost tours, there truly is nothing quite as eerie as a stroll through a historic cemetery—and hearing the  tales of what brought each of its residents to their final resting place.

Guided tours are every Saturday morning in October. For more information, visit

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