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Grind House

catch of the day fish (2)So how’s that New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and prioritize wellness going so far? We’re just over a week in, so no need to despair if you’re teetering off the edge of the wagon. You can still (re)commit to health this year, and no one is making it easier than the folks at Grind House Juice Bar. Located in the heart of Charles Village, the new-ish mecca for healthy, delicious and “100% guilt-free” food and drink makes nutrition taste great. One could even say, addictive.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that they’ve got “juice bar” in their name. Grind House also makes baked goods (all vegan) and offers a hot bar of homey, comfort-food style savory eats alongside their raw pressed juices. That means that even in the depths of winter, you can get your vitamins and minerals while eating food that feels like it’s warming you up from the inside. They’ve even got wi-fi and plenty of offerings that even the pickiest of young eaters will enjoy. Healthy and family friendly? Yes, it can be done. And these guys have nailed it. But just as well if you want to go all alone and enjoy some private (guilt-free) indulgence.

Grind House Juice Bar is located at 2431 St. Paul Street in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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  1. I LOVE this place. Wish more restaurants with similar mindsets would open up in the Old Goucher area. And the vegan desserts are delicious!

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