Grr Che…However you Pronounce That

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How do you know you’re a real city? Is it the size of the population? The presence of steaming manholes? Having a critically-acclaimed HBO drama about you? Actually, according to the most recent US census, to be considered a real city (like how Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy, or the Velveteen Rabbit wanted to be real) you’ve got to have food trucks. And they’ve got to go beyond the usual kebabs or tacos (though of course we want those, too). Our I-95 neighbors to the north (New York, Philly) have gourmet food trucks in abundance. And now, Baltimore too has its own fleet of fab food offerings on wheels. One top pick: Grr Che, a food truck specializing in grilled cheese—both simple and fancy.

Grr Che offers everything from the most basic grilled cheese (white bread, American cheese) to a sandwich so decadent we had to ask, “wait, is that actually a sandwich?” (1/4 lb of Maine Lobster, Macaroni & Cheese, and Cheddar Cheese on Texas Toast). The folks at Grr Che have our two favorite grilled cheese accessories on hand as well—tomato soup and fresh cut fries.  The only drawback? The truck is indeed a truck—so get there before it rolls on to its next stop. That is of course what makes it cosmopolitan.

Grr Che’s menu and schedule can be found at, or on Twitter: @GrrChe

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