Just looking at most gun safes, you can immediately tell that it is probably too heavy to attempt moving on your own. However, there is also the added complication that the contents of a gun safe cannot be entrusted to just anyone.

Most average-size gun safes weigh more than several hundred pounds, with some of the bigger commercial models weighing a lot more than that. When you combine this with the weight of the arms and ammunition that is stored inside, you will definitely need professional safe movers like ServLeader to help you.

Hiring our services is very easy too. All you need to do is to visit our webpage and fill in the online form. Don’t forget the important details, such as location, destination, and description of the safe and contents. Once this is done just wait a short time and one of our friendly staff will give you a call.

When Do You Need Professional Gun Safe Movers?

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the difficulty of moving a gun safe, and end up attempting to do it on their own. This can be very dangerous because a lot of people have injured their backs by doing this. To be safe, always leave moving a gun safe to the professionals, no matter how small the distance may be. Give us a call in any of the following situations:

●      When You Buy a New Gun Safe

While a lot of stores do offer their own delivery services, when it comes to moving a gun safe, you need highly experienced movers who have handled this before. It can be very frustrating to have your safe damaged even before it has reached your house. We have provided this type of service many times before, and you can rest assured that your safe will reach its destination in the exact same condition it was in when it left the store.

●      When Moving House

These days, a lot of people store guns and ammunition inside their houses and places of business, either for protection or recreation. This is all well and good until it comes to moving to a new house or business location. Rather than ask your furniture movers to handle such a complicated task, let us do this the right way with our expert safe movers and specialized equipment.

●      Switching Rooms

We understand that at times, as a customer, you just want to move your gun safe from one part of the house to another. If you are wondering whether there is a moving company that can provide this type of service, then you do not need to look any further. No job is too small for us, because we know the difficulty of moving a gun safe, so do not hesitate to call us.

Some of Our Services

In our quest to become the premier safe movers in the entire state, we provide a wide range of specialized services to our clients, such as:

●      Packing, loading, offloading, and crating of gun safes

●      Specialized gun and ammunition packaging

●      Short-term and long-term storage solutions

●      Military moving services

Benefits of Working With Us

Having a professional gun safe mover pick up, package, deliver, and even install your safe is the best way to get the job done safely and efficiently. Even though hiring a professional is a bit more expensive than regular moving services, certain benefits make this the better option. Here are some of the benefits we can offer you:

●      Experience

Owning a gun safe is not common in many homes, so chances are that you have never had the chance to move one yourself. There are a lot of lessons you can only learn by trial and error, and it usually takes years of providing gun safe moving services to reach a point where you can do it the right way. ServLeader can help you with this task as this is a well-established business serving customers in Washington DC and Baltimore. If you need a safe locksmith or safe moving services, ServLeader is definitely one of the best options to consider.

Instead of making common mistakes, such as lifting with your back instead of your legs, we offer you our experienced technicians who have seen it all before. We can easily get your gun safe delivered and installed without getting injured or causing any damage to your property. If you need any professional advice as well, for example, choosing the best place to install your gun safe, we are here to assist.

●      Specialized Equipment

Some safes are so big and heavy that no special lifting techniques can be used to lift them up. In such cases, the only viable option is for gun safe movers to make use of specialized equipment that is designed to easily carry such heavy objects. Certain things, such as a heavy-duty motorized hand truck, will come in very handy when moving very heavy gun safes.

●      Insurance

One major advantage of using a professional gun safe mover is that we can offer you insurance protection for your property at all times that it is within our care. This insurance will cover both the safe and its contents in the event of being stolen or damaged, as well as any damage to your house that may occur during delivery.

What to Look Out for In A Professional Safe Mover

There are a lot of gun safe moving companies around, and they all claim to be able to provide the best services. This makes it difficult to decide which of these options is the best one for you. To make this decision easier, when choosing the right moving company for your gun safe, look for the following:

●      Solid track record and reputation

●      Availability of top-quality equipment

●      Insurance

●      Years of local knowledge

●      Affordable prices

Hiring Us Is Easy

Considering the risk to your health and property when choosing to move your gun safe on your own, you should give us a call and let the professionals handle it. If you want to hire the best gun safe moving company around, then there is no time to waste. Our expert movers are waiting to assist you in any way we can. Call us right now, or go to our website to fill in the online form.

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