A Halloween Murder Mystery at Rocklands Farm

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Halloween Event

catch of the day fish (2)If you’re still unsure about how to spend this haunted evening, you can skip right down to the bottom of this post and immediately click  the link to last-minute reserve your tickets to Rocklands Farm’s annual Halloween event. Tonight, they team up with the Murder Mystery Company for what will surely be a killer night and an unforgettable Halloween experience. Each year, the farm hosts a lovely event in its historic barn, but bizarrely, a tragic and unexpected death always seems to occur. Who’d have thunk? And as usual, it’s up to the guests to help get the party back on track by trading clues, gathering information and solving the crime before the murderous menace gets away.

The evening begins at 7pm sharp, tonight. Of course, guests are encouraged to dress up– preferably for a masquerade ball– as that’s the order of the day. Tickets include salad, bread, lasagna, and assorted desserts. And of course, since the farm is in fact one of Maryland’s great wineries, you can purchase a glass (or two, or three) of home grown wine to go along with your murder. Just don’t have so much that you lose track of who’s who– or you may well go from sleuth to being the next victim.

Rockland Farm’s Halloween Event takes place Friday, October 31st at 7pm. The farm is located at 14525 Montevideo Road in Poolesville. For tickets (RSVP required!) visit www.rocklandsfarmmd.com.

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