HampdenFest comes to… Hampden

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catch of the day fish (2)It never fails. Every year, we see posters and billboards go up for HampdenFest and we’re like, “wait, didn’t that just happen?” This is followed a minute or two later by, “Oh no, wait. That was HonFest.” But what’s the difference? And why do we need two? Don’t both fests celebrate the totally quirky loveable weirdness that is Hampden? Sure, one has lots of scary ladies (and non-ladies) in sky-high, neon beehives and the other has toilet bowl races, but are these two things really appealing to very different demographics? We kinda doubt it.  Nevertheless, the more, the merrier, we say. Like its earlier-in-the-season cousin, HonFest, HampdenFest has bands, food, and more. You can expect the band Sweepstakes, a fashion show, and plenty of  family fun. There’s even indication that local kids-lit celeb Kevin Sherry will be there performing as his alter-ego Brain Bear. It’s all free, of course, and comes with the opportunity to stroll The Avenue and hit up the neighborhood’s hot boutiques, antique shops, and eateries while you’re at it. Oh yeah, and there’s that toilet bowl race, too.

HampdenFest takes place Saturday, Sept 20 from 11am-7pm, along 36th Street (“The Avenue” in Hampden). For more information, visit www.hampdenfest.blogspot.com.

Update: This post has been edited to indicate that Sweepstakes is a band.

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