Handmade Pop Art Baltimore Neighborhood Map

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catch of the day fish (2)Roaming around Baltimore, it does often seem that our city has a new neighborhood just about every three blocks. Some neighborhoods are even so small that pretty much only the people who live there really know the name (and boundaries) of their neighborhood. It’s like we have neighborhoods inside of neighborhoods inside of neighborhoods. Well, thanks to local artist Justine Bedard, there is now a comprehensive (if not 100% practical) map that shows each neighborhood’s name, and exactly where it sits in this mess of a neighborhood.More meant as a piece of art than a practical map, Bedard’s handmade map is available in three different sizes, printed on heavy bond paper. A perfect gift for a housewarming or a relocation (maybe good as a reminder for friends who’ve moved out of town), this piece is simple and subtle enough to blend with any room and decor, but interesting and funky enough to add some flair. It’s absolutely a conversation piece, and guests will love finding themselves (more or less) in the map’s jumble of names that feels (and looks) oh so much like home.

This handmade map is avaialble from the BMoreHandmade Etsy Shop. Visit the website for details or to order.

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