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Humane Society

catch of the day fish (2)Throughout the holiday season, we all have those friends and family members who say, “don’t get me anything. I have too much stuff already. No, really. REALLY.” Really? Hmm. It’s always hard to honor such requests, because of course, it feels good to pick out and give a great gift. Not that that’s what the whole season is about, of course. But it certainly is a big part of things. Well, this year, why not turn toward unique, and thoughtful gifts like those offered by the Baltimore Humane Society.

The Humane Society’s “Gifts that Help Save Lives” are perfect for those who love animals, or who simply like the idea of a gift that benefits more than just themselves. The 2014 Happy Tails Calendar features adorable photographs and heartwarming happy ending stories of Baltimore Humane Society’s homeless animals. The entire purchase price goes to the care of the animals at the no-kill shelter. Want to go even further down the path of “gifts for the person who really, really, really has everything?” Sponsor a homeless shelter pet in their name. As the Humane Society puts it, “instead of spending money on something like naming a star you’ll never see, why not buy a gift that actually makes a difference in the life of an animal?” Touche! And finally, the Humane Society also offers garden stones as a way to honor your pet. The 6”x9” stones are beautiful likenesses of your pet and can be done with any full color photo along with custom text and design.  Whether in honor of a living pet, or a furry friend who’s passed, they show  your love, while spreading it.

To find out more about the Baltimore Humane Society’s holiday gifts, visit www.bmorehumane.org.

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