With Statement, Ravens Draw More Attention to Harbaugh Comments

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John Harbaugh comments

After Sunday’s 21-7 win against the Tennessee Titans, Ravens coach John Harbaugh got his team psyched up with a little Steelers bashing. “That team beat us last week,” Harbaugh said. “Then they went and got their ass kicked this week.” (The Jets, of all teams, beat the Steelers 20-13.)

Why do I, someone who does not regularly follow football, know what Harbaugh told Ravens players in the locker room? Ironically, it’s because the Ravens would rather I didn’t.

CBS Sports mistakenly aired those comments, which were intended for players’ ears only. But I only know about them because the Ravens released a public statement explaining that the comments — which are seriously not that big of a deal — “were meant for Ravens players and coaches only.”

That turned it into news story, and now even goons like me are aware of — and have watched over and over in a Vine video — those rather tame though, yes, technically anti-Steelers comments.

The Ravens will not meet the Steelers again this season.

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