What Health Grade Would Your Favorite Restaurant Receive?

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Baltimore restaurants
Ours won’t look quite like that.

What are the cleanliness standards at your favorite Baltimore eatery? Excellent? Good? Fair? Well you may soon find out. A bill that would require local restaurants to conspicuously post their health ratings received preliminary approval from the Baltimore City Council, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The mayor said she’s happy to sign the bill into law once it receives final approval, and Council members who voted against approval seemed to do so mostly over minor points of implementation or parliamentary procedure. The Restaurant Association of Maryland, on the other hand, opposes it with vigor, calling the system “unfair, subjective, confusing and potentially costly… with no quantifiable public health benefit.”

Statistics website FiveThirtyEight said the data show that New York’s similar A-B-C grading scale is ultimately fair and consistent, and even effective in getting lackluster restaurants to clean up their acts. (Of course the data can’t show any behind-the-scenes corruption, but I guess let’s be trusting for once.)

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