Here’s Hogan’s Plan for Fighting Pollution in the Chesapeake

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Larry Hogan doesn't like Common Core

When Gov. Larry Hogan decided to chuck environmental regulations created by former Gov. Martin O’Malley, he promised he would propose his own plan for protecting the Chesapeake Bay from phosphorus pollution from agricultural activity on the Eastern Shore.. Well, he’s got it figured out now, and according to the Baltimore Sun, environmentalists have greeted it with “guarded praise.”

On the face of it, Hogan’s plan is not terribly different than O’Malley’s. It even includes immediately banning the use of chicken manure as fertilizer on as much as one-fifth of Eastern Shore farmland. Otherwise, it turns O’Malley’s six-year phase-in into a seven-year phase-in.

Hogan called his plan “fair and balanced” and something that could unite farming interests and environmentalists. Perhaps it will. And if it does, the greatest thing Hogan may have done for the bay is rebrand a “liberal” idea as “conservative.”

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