Here’s Why Towson Cheerleaders Were Suspended Last Year

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Towson cheerleaders

Last September, the entire Towson University cheerleading squad was suspended (a punishment that was softened after an appeal) over a hazing scandal, the details of which were not made available to the public. The Baltimore Sun recently obtained documents that describe just what that hazing entailed.

According to investigators, freshman Towson cheerleaders paid $5 to participate in “team night,” which involved funneling a beer or taking a shot (participant’s choice!) before being blindfolded and put in adult diapers. They were then taken into another room where the blindfolds were removed, and “most of the women” did some silly dance wearing the diaper “to bring the team closer together.” I’m cringing so much it’s hard to type.

To the cheerleaders’ credit, they informed the freshmen at the beginning that they didn’t have to do anything they didn’t want to. But it turns out it’s still hazing. And serving alcohol to minors, even as part of a “team bonding experience,” is still illegal.

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