Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving from Springfield Farm

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Springfield Farm

catch of the day fish (2)If Thanksgiving is meant to be about celebrating the fall harvest, we live in a pretty good place for such a thing. Maryland’s long growing season and diversity of soils and climates makes for a real bounty in terms of locally grown food. And it’s obvious when you shop at any of our fabulous farmers’ markets. One stroll through the stalls and you’ll have everything you need for a well-rounded, colorful Thanksgiving feast. But this Thanksgiving, why not make the centerpiece of your meal local, too? You can’t get much closer to home than with a heritage turkey from Springfield Farm (located in Baltimore County).

Ordering a turkey from Springfield Farm doesn’t just mean your bird was raised nearby. It means that is was actually raised in the way that birds have been raised for centuries. On that very farm. Yes, that farm has actually been in David Smith’s family (he’s one of the farmers) since the 1600’s. And still, their agricultural practices are sustainable and old fashioned. That means no hormones and no antibiotics; and all the farm’s animals are free to roam (and fly) about the farm—meaning they’re healthier (and we can bet, a lot happier) than the average bird destined for the table. Springfield Farm specifically raises heritage breed turkeys (that is, turkeys that actually look like turkeys did back in the day when we started eating them). They do need to be ordered in advance, (deadline November 17th); which simply means more time to plan all the accompanying dishes, all while feeling great about where this year’s turkey is coming from.

For more information about Springfield Farm, or to order a turkey, visit www.ourspringfieldfarm.com.

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