Hogan Still Doesn’t Know Who He’ll Vote for in November

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Larry Hogan at State of the State

Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, was asked again where he stands on the 2016 presidential election. On Wednesday, he told WBAL he doesn’t “have any idea” whether he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in November.

“I said I wouldn’t endorse Donald Trump, and that hasn’t changed,” Hogan told reporter George Lettis. Asked whether that meant he wasn’t going to vote for Trump, Hogan responded: “Don’t have any idea yet. When I get behind the curtain I’ll make that decision.”

It’s too bad that Hogan hadn’t previously endorsed Trump, because he could have used the nominee’s recent comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s “Mexican heritage” as an excuse to rescind it, as some of his fellow Republicans have.

Here’s hoping he ends up writing in Vermin Supreme.

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