Hogan Doesn’t Want Syrian Refugees in Maryland

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon (Wikimedia Commons)
Syrian refugees in Lebanon (Wikimedia Commons)

Gov. Larry Hogan added Maryland to the list of states that don’t want to accept Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Hogan issued a statement saying he did not want Maryland to accept refugees fleeing from the ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern country.

“Following the terrorist attacks on Paris just four days ago, and after careful consideration, I am now requesting that federal authorities cease any additional settlements of refugees from Syria in Maryland until the U.S. government can provide appropriate assurances that refugees from Syria pose no threat to public safety,” the governor’s statement said.

That puts him in lockstep with other Republican governors and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who on Tuesday called for a “pause” in the refugee program. Early information indicated that one of the ten Paris attackers came to Europe through Greece with migrants fleeing the country. The truth of that information has yet to be fully vetted. Security officials were urging caution on Sunday as they sought to confirm whether a passport found near the attackers was indeed his, and whether it was real. But on Monday, 10 Republican governors sought to close off their state’s borders, with New Jersery Gov. Chris Christie saying he wouldn’t even accept child orphans. That number increased to more than 25 by Tuesday.

EU officials responded by asking the U.S. to do more to help resettle the huge amount of migrants. The Council on American-Islamic Relations also opposed the governors, saying “Defeating ISIS involves projecting American ideals to the world. Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”

Hogan’s stance flies in the face of past attitudes toward refugees in Baltimore. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake previously called for the city to welcome refugees, saying they could help build the city’s population with other immigrants coming to the city.

Rawlings-Blake echoed those sentiments on Tuesday.

“Welcoming immigrants and new Americans is a critical part of my strategy to grow Baltimore, and I hope that refugees from Syria will look to our city as a potential place to call home,” she said in a statement.

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  1. Your post is leaving out critical information – even if the passport was fake, there is undisputed evidence of a finger print showing the terrorist entered Europe through Greece, where he was processed as a refugee.

  2. While my heart goes out to innocent families caught in this mess, we need to be extremely careful since true terrorists will use people and circumstances to their advantage to gain trust and access to the USA. Thank you again Gov for carefully looking out for the people of this state.

  3. Hispanics immigrants won’t live in Baltimore, Koreans left in the 80s, Poles and Greeks haven’t moved here for decades, so who are these immigrants SRB talks about? MS-13 came by the thousands to the US from El Salvador through a refugee program, and killed quite a few people.

    • Hispanic immigrants wont live in Baltimore? Been to Patterson park area recently? Eastern Ave? I also question how much You know much about MS-13. MS-13 was formed by El Salvadorean immigrants, true. But MS-13 was formed in LA (much like the 18th St. gang) and has since caused way more damage in Central America through deportation than it ever did here. I won’t even go into our disastrous policies in Latin America in the 80’s that caused so many to flee these war-torn countries…

      Mainly I wonder why even mention MS-13? Maryland’s Latino population is over 30% El Salvadorean, and last time I checked we don’t have a massive MS-13 problem – do we? Yes there are gangs, but there are far more hard working, church going, business owning, tax paying, good people. I bet you know a few.

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