Hampden Wedding Dress Designer Fights Ebola

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Hampden wedding dress designer fights Ebola
An example of a current Ebola suit, via BBC

At her eponymous gown shop in Hampden, Jill Andrews often has to design dresses that fulfill the sometimes vague requirements of brides who want to look “like sea glass” or “like a glass of milk.” According to an article in the Washington Post, that was exactly the kind of expertise that qualified Andrews to join a group of doctors, engineers, and the like at a weekend-long effort at Johns Hopkins to design a better protective suit for doctors and nurses who treat Ebola patients. The standard protective suits are too big, too sweaty, and dangerously difficult to remove.

The 60 participants broke off into teams for a weekend of brainstorming and sewing and trying on. Andrews and her team had created a suit that utilizes elastic to make it fit a range of body types and can be rolled into a plastic bag as it was taken off, thus confining any fluids with which it may have come into contact in a plastic bag.

According to the Post, Hopkins is sending a suit that combines the best design elements from each team to the U.S. Agency for International Development for a possible $1 million award.

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