Holiday Craft Market in Center Plaza

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Center Plaza Craft Market Holiday Baltimore

Okay. This is the last one. We swear. The last holiday craft fair we’re going to urge you to go to this year. After this, you’re free to do the rest of your shopping from the comfort of your laptop and mouse pad. We won’t judge. But since it’s still not freezing cold out, if you’re going to be downtown anyway and want an excuse to dip out of the office for a long lunch break, why not spend that time perusing the booths at the Center Plaza Holiday Craft Market?  

Even if you’ve already gotten most of your shopping done (but come on, have you really?) this market really is a great lunchtime or after-work diversion. Besides the 35 vendors selling handmade jewelry, house wares, scarves, and more, this market features carolers, free hot chocolate, live entertainment, and fantastic lunch offerings. Think of it as a mini-mid-day Winter Break you can give yourself—a sort of holiday cheer re-up. Can’t do better than that for a Craft Market—er, Catch—of the Day.

The Holiday Craft Market in Center Plaza takes place Tuesday, Dec. 11 – 11am-2pm
Wed., Dec 12, 11am-2pm and then from 4 – 7:30pm. The address is 217 N. Charles Street.

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