Holiday Heap by Charm City Craft Mafia

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Holiday Heap by Charm City Craft Mafia Baltimore

So, it’s confession time. Here at Catch of the Day, we don’t actually think of this as the Holiday Season. We think of it as the Craft Fair Season. Specifically, we think of it as the finally-I-can-buy-myself-all-the-cool-handmade-stuff-I-want-while-pretending-to-be-shopping-for-gifts season. Because that’s what it is! Those of us who just aren’t naturally inclined toward Martha Stewart-esque meticulous crafting have to wait all year for those who are so inclined to set up shop and hawk their wares. We’ve been waiting all year for a new crocheted hat, a faux-taxidermy dear head made of felt, and a wooden iPhone stand! And no, we are not joking…

If your personal wish list reads like ours, be sure to make it to the Charm City Craft Mafia’s Holiday Heap—a  bazaar of super talented local and out-of-town artists and artisans. Beware: it’s one day only, so mark your calendars! The heap will have everything from handmade clothing to artists’ prints, to pottery, and yes, felt faux taxidermy.  This promises to be a really good one, as far as holiday craft markets go, so gear up and bring the wish list.

Holiday Heap takes place Saturday, December 1st from 10am to 5pm at 2640 St. Paul Street in St. John’s Church in Baltimore.

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