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catch of the day fish (2)Yes! Compost pick-up has come to Baltimore! Yeah, okay, maybe it seems odd to be quite so excited about this late-breaking garbage-related news. But I have to admit, I’ve never been quite so excited about garbage. Or news about garbage, rather. Because what’s there to get excited about (usually)? Sure, more and more people in our city are “going green” by reducing their energy consumption, switching to wind power, and supporting local agriculture, but we still end up throwing away much more than we really need to. And anyone who’s a gardening buff knows that the secret to vibrant, lush (and effortlessly organic) gardens is good old-fashioned compost. That is, the deep, dark, organic matter created from broken down food waste. You can buy it from the gardening store, or put in the effort (and equipment) to make your own—or, now, you can have your food waste picked up weekly, and have the compost delivered back to your door when it’s time to garden.

Remotion is the new composting company that is bringing this service to Baltimore. The business is simple. They provide you with clean, stink-proof buckets. You toss your food scraps in over the course of the week. Then, weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on your plan) they take your bucket away and give you a new, clean one ready to be filled the following week. A couple times a year—in the spring and fall—they bring your compost back to your door, ready for use. Alternately, if you want all the brownie-points of composting your food waste but don’t actually have a garden, you can opt to just donate your compost and the company will find a loving home for it with a community partner. Perfect example of an “everybody wins” scenario? Yep. Pretty much.

For more information about Remotion and signing up for compost pick-up, visit www.remotioncompost.com.

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