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Heather Shreve Art

catch of the day fish (2)They say a picture is worth 1000 words. And while that may be an old cliche, sometimes you can look at a well-made picture and know why that saying has been around this long. It’s artists like Heather Shreve who are able to truly capture the essence of a home or a special moment and put it on canvas. That makes her work an ideal way to commemorate a wedding, to warm a new home, or to celebrate the love that makes that house a home. Shreve has been painting for so long that she estimates she’s spent over 30,000 hours behind a paintbrush. So she’s clearly a master of her craft. Her HOMESCAPES are essentially that– thoughtful portraits of your home, painted from photographs (taken by Shreve herself, if you’re within 40 miles). Children and pets go in the portrait too, of course, since they’re so much of what fills a home with joy. For those looking for the perfect (and truly unique) wedding gift, a piece of wedding art made by Shreve may be just what you’re looking for.

Wedding ART II

Shreve’s wedding art is truly unlike any other wedding gift that a couple is likely to receive. While everyone has a wedding photographer snapping away throughout the event, few couples have a master painter at the ready, able to capture the full expression and feeling of their special day. It’s such a wonderful way to honor and remember this important moment; elevating the memory beyond a simple photograph. And Shreve truly is the ideal artist for the job. Not only is she a painter, she’s also an author and public speaker— regularly sharing her insights into life and the importance and magic of perspective. Her own personal journey has been so full of surprise, struggle, triumph, and eye-opening perspective, that when it comes to truly seeing what’s important in life, and then creatively expressing just that, Shreve has perspective few other artists have. And amazingly, she’s committed to using that perspective to create what she calls Art for Giving. That is, art that comes from the heart and touches those it’s created for. Perfect.

Heather Shreve is available for commissioned HOMESCAPES and wedding portraits. Pricing for paintings is $4/$5 per square inch. For more information about Heather and her work, email her at [email protected]  She is currently accepting commissions for Christmas!

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