HonFest Takes Over Hampden

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Hon Fest

catch of the day fish (2)What’s better than an abundance of music, food, beer, and crafts? All of that surrounded by a swarm of Hons, obviously. And what, exactly is a Hon? Well, if you have to ask, maybe we have to ask you just how recently you transplanted to Baltimore, hon. But you’ll know them when you see them. They’ll be decked out in sky-high beehive hairdos, feather boas as far as the eye can see, and presumably some cat-eye sunglasses and patent leather heels in all colors. And they’ll be strutting up and down The Avenue (their native habitat) all weekend at HonFest. You can come to gawk or be gawked at—Hon yourself up, or simply snap photos on the iPhone. The Hons don’t judge—they’re just there for a good time.

HonFest happens every year on The Avenue (Hampden’s main drag) and offers indulgences ranging from umbrella drinks to crab cakes to funnel cakes and so much more. There will be stages throughout the festival where you can take a seat and take in live music or participate in one of many Hon-related contests. All weekend, the four blocks from Falls Road to Chestnut will be crammed with 60 craft vendors and artists and 20 food vendors. Not to mention all the fab brick-and-mortar shops that line the street year round. There will even be a Glamour Lounge where you can get your very own “Hon” makeover. And if dad is feeling left out of that one, just pull him over to the very important Moustache Contest to compete. Clearly, at HonFest, everyone can go home a winner.

Hon Fest takes place along The Avenue in Hampden. Hours are Saturday, June 14 from 11am-8pm and Sunday, June 15 from Noon-7pm. For more information at www.cafehon.com.

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