Hopkins Promises to Improve Handling of Sexual Assaults

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Johns Hopkins University has completed an internal investigation into its failure to alert its students to a police investigation into an alleged gang rape of a Towson University student at a Hopkins frat in 2013. What did it determine? That, well, yes, the university did fail to alert its students. (I hope that investigation didn’t take too long!)

As for the allegations that then-Dean of Student Life Susan Boswell positively discouraged the alleged victim from filing a formal report, University President Ronald Daniels wrote in a statement that the investigation could not “confirm those accounts.”

Daniels called Hopkins’ handling of the rape allegations “unacceptable” and said the university is “determined that this kind of mistake not happen again.” To that end, the Baltimore Sun reports that the university has ” created a multidepartment team to provide consulting on timely warnings; added a 24/7 sexual assault hotline; and established a student advisory committee to give input on sexual violence.” They’ve even created a new administrative position whose sole purpose to ensure the university comply with the Clery Act, which mandates that schools disclose information on crimes that occur on or near campus.

That last move was blasted by an anonymous complainant (in a federal complaint surrounding the same incident) as a meaningless PR stunt. “Given that the Clery Act is a very straightforward law that anyone can understand, and that the University [is] supposed to [have] been in compliance with [the law] since the 1990s, we should not have to spend our tuition dollars on yet another administrator” the complainant told the JHU Newsletter.


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