Horseshoe Baltimore Casino to Have City’s Only 24-Hour Liquor License

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Horseshoe Baltimore casino

We’ve already heard that the forthcoming Horseshoe Baltimore casino will host Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen (the New York version of which was spectacularly panned by the Times). But the real story is that the casino, with it’s two celebrity-chef restaurants and five Maryland-based dining options, will hold the city’s first 24-hour liquor license.

It’s one more thing that no doubt will make it hard to judge the time inside Horseshoe Baltimore’s (probably) labyrinthine and (I’m guessing here) clockless gambling rooms.

Alex Dixon, Horseshoe Baltimore vice president, told WJZ that the 24-hour liquor license is part of what will make the casino’s dining options “pretty unique.” I think it sounds uncanny. This is probably square, but drinking in the morning, like cannibalism, is a taboo I’d rather we keep.



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