Hot Air: Baltimore’s New Blow Dry Salon

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Hot Air

catch of the day fish (2)We all have those days. Nothing feels fresh. Everything seems drab. And while you’re sure that at some point you consciously approved your haircut, you can’t seem to remember what made it seem special at the time. Your clothes hang limply on your shoulders, and the lighting (wherever you are) isn’t doing you any favors. Case of “the blahs” much? But a day like this needn’t cause one to rush out to the salon for a daring new cut. Why make a rash decision that will last for months based on a few hours of feeling un-fabulous? “Because,” we can hear you say, “because I need a change! I need a pick-me-up! I need sooooomething!” Roger that. And who’s come to your rescue? Hot Air: Baltimore’s new blow dry only salon.

The idea behind Hot Air is simple. A salon that’s all about styling. A great wash, a conditioning treatment a head massage (!!!), a blow out, an up-do. No cuts, no coloring. That is: nothing you might regret later. Nothing permanent. Instead, you can go in needing a hair re-up and walk out totally refreshed, restyled, but still look in the mirror and recognize yourself (and maybe even re-appreciate that haircut you were questioning earlier). A basic wash and blow dry takes only 45 minutes and costs $35. From there, you can add on the extras to your heart’s delight. And of course, packages are available for self-identified “Hot Air addicts.” Is there a support group we can join?

Hot Air is located at 9101 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. For more information, or to book an appointment, visit

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