How Safe Is the Baltimore Subway System?

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How Safe Is the Baltimore Subway System
Still from video of train fight.

After video surfaced of a Baltimore subway attack from July, MTA Police Chief John E. Gavrilis told WJZ that the subway system is safer than it looks. In fact, if anything the video demonstrates its safety. When one of the two young attackers attempts to pry open the doors in an apparent attempt to throw their 51-year-old victim from a moving train, the doors open no wider than six inches. Plus, “[i]f all that technology would have failed and the bar would’ve allowed the door open, that train would have immediately stopped.”

Okay, knowing that my attackers will find it exceedingly difficult to throw me from a train is definitely a consolation, but it’s not enough to make one feel safe on public transit.

Gavrilis believes that the attack itself is “truly an anomaly,” saying that crime on the system is down to just one crime for every 400,000 riders. But police said the July attack was never reported to them, so how can they trust their numbers?

Gavrilis says its a matter of public perception catching up with reality. But WJZ spoke with several frequent riders who say they regularly see fights on the train.

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