Many Baltimore Voters Didn’t Get the Sticker to Prove it

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    I_Voted_StickerThe people of Baltimore have spoken on this election day, and one thing is clear: They want an “I Voted” sticker after casting a ballot.

    Along with talk of candidates, local social media channels buzzed with claims that polling places lacked the stickers that could help citizens prove their democratic participation. This is a little disappointing, because, who doesn’t want a free sticker? It also denied some residents a discount.

    But there’s also a point beyond fashion. Along with the ability to take pride in doing your civic duty, the stickers are actually designed to be a receipt of sorts. They aren’t binding in anyway, but mention of the stickers appears three times in the state’s guide to the voting system that replaced touchscreen machines. “You will continue to get an “I Voted” sticker to show that you voted,” the FAQ states.

    Baltimore election chief Armstead B.C. Jones Sr. told the Baltimore Sun’s Yvonne Wenger said packs of the stickers were late to get out in the rush of primary election day. One more reason to embrace early voting.


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