“What if magic is real?”  It’s a question that local entrepreneur, Joel DeWyer, has been asking himself for most of his life.  Tapping into over 25 years of experience as a magician, DeWyer uses his refined skills of sleight-of-hand and playful deception to explore this idea, albeit, in ways audiences often don’t expect.  DeWyer is part of a new wave of performers, shifting the paradigm of the modern magician.  “Forget the coin behind the ear or feather flowers from nowhere, my objective is total wonder and astonishment,” he confidently claims.

Organizations and individuals most often seek out DeWyer’s services when they want to add something unique, yet sophisticated to their event, whether that’s a corporate gathering, a social networking function, a private dinner party, or a formal celebration, such as a wedding reception.  DeWyer’s relaxed approach and charming, professional style, make it easy to adapt what he does to comfortably fit almost any gathering or situation.  “For many of us, our limited experience of magic has been some goofy trick mixed in with a lot of bad jokes and cheesy humor – sometimes that works.  I offer a more refined approach, creating impossible moments for my clients and making sure their guests remember the event for a long time to come.”

DeWyer’s brand new formal show takes audiences on a journey, exploring ways in which real magic exists all around us every day.  “When a spectator experiences a moment of pure impossibility because they made all of the choices and they felt like they were in control from start to finish, that’s going to stick out in their minds for a long time. This is the value-add I bring to my clients’ events,” DeWyer says.

In addition to his regular private performances for groups and organizations, DeWyer has been a frequent performer in the e-line production, Up Close & Personal, a close-up magic showcase in Baltimore and, in 2018, was invited to be a featured speaker at the TED-style speaker series, Retriever Talks,  at UMBC.  Additionally, DeWyer is excited to continue his collaboration with the popular Baltimore-area show, Willard & Wood.  Now, in its fourth year, DeWyer, serves as host for their show, An Evening of Impossibilities, as well as a frequent guest performer at their brand new Magic Cabaret show at Food Plenty in Clarksville, Maryland.

“In some ways, magic acts as a common denominator.  We collectively accept that what we’re seeing is an illusion, yet there remains a place in most of us that wishes it was real,” DeWyer explained.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services that Joel DeWyer has to offer you and your organization, you can contact him through his website at http://joeldewyermagic.com

by Lynn Andrews

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