Introducing Jama Cocoa

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Jama Cocoa

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore’s list of gourmet confectioners just seems to grow and grow. Good for our sweet tooth, bad for our dental bills, I suppose. But now, just in time for all-manner-of-candy season (with everything from Halloween to Valentines happening in the next few months) Jama Cocoa has sprung onto the scene. Founded by Jamasen Rodriguez, a Johns Hopkins junior economics major, Jama specializes in truffles. Simple enough. But if Rodriguez has his way, the company will become “”the Starbucks of chocolate,” with a Jama Cocoa shop in as many urban areas as possible.

Jama Cocoa’s truffles are totally easy for the non-foodie to appreciate (it’s chocolate, after all), but at the same time, Rodriguez has managed to give each of his truffles the kind of care and distinction that we’re used to with coffee. The truffles are labeled by the origin of the chocolate (and most are single-origin—meaning the beans are from one country or region, as opposed to being an amalgam). The difference between beans leads to descriptions like “notes of caramel, fruit, and almonds.” And while we’ve seen that kind of approach with coffee, it’s an approach that’s pretty new in the world of gourmet chocolate. In other words, the Starbucks of chocolate, this could well turn out to be.

Jama Cocoa is located at 5403 East Drive in Arbutus. For more information about where to find Jama Chocolates, visit

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