The Nickel Taphouse

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Nickel Taphouse

catch of the day fish (2)Sorry it’s taken a couple of months to shout the good news about the Nickel Taphouse. Maybe it’s just that we’re still in honeymoon-land with owner Robin Haas’ other local gem—Birroteca. Or it could be that if we’re going to be hanging out in Mt. Washington, you’re going to have a hard time dragging us away from the Tavern’s ample, tried-and-true hospitality. But even a creature of habit can recognize a good new thing when it comes along. Particularly in winter, when hearty comfort food is in high demand, a place that knows how to serve it up right (that is, gorgeously, and with admirable delicacy) is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Of course, food is the main draw at the Nickel Taphouse (it’s “the most important meal of the day,” a chalkboard declares). But really, it’s all (and we mean all) good. From around 30 beers on tap, to enough oyster varieties to open up a marine biology lab, to the alcoholic milkshakes, this place doesn’t miss one opportunity for calculated deliciousness. Whether you come for fancy signature cocktails and iced oysters or for a burger and a pint, the Taphouse has your number. But in that case, you should probably have theirs, too—a place this new and this great doesn’t sit around with empty tables.

The Nickel Taphouse is located at 1604 Kelley Avenue in Baltimore. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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