Introduction to Screenprinting at Baltimore Print Studios

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catch of the day fish (2)You know how sometimes you’ll be chatting with a friend and then either you or them comes out with a clever little bon mot? This, of course, is usually followed by “Oh my God, that should totally be on a T-Shirt” or “Oh my God, that so needs to be a bumper sticker.” Well, imagine following that sentiment to its logical (but fun, tasteful, and DIY) conclusions. Where does it lead you? The first stop could be an introduction to screenprinting workshop at Baltimore Print Studios.

Baltimore Print Studios offers all manner of print services—they’ll design and print your idea for you, they’ll rent you space by the hour so you can do it yourself, or they’ll even teach you the whole process from the ground up. Screenprinting techniques create beautiful, artful prints on posters, cards, fabric, and basically anything else that you can put ink on. The next workshop is Sunday, January 27th from 11am-5pm and promises to cover all of the skills and steps you’ll need to print your own ideas and images yourself. Of course, then it’s up to you to plaster the town with them.

Baltimore Print Studios is located at 18 W. North Avenue in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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