It’s Baltimore County Restaurant Week!

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catch of the day fish (2)Only in Baltimore County could you stretch a “week” to be seventeen days long. Or maybe it’s not the county’s fault—maybe it’s just that when Restaurant Week hits each year, time flies. We want more. How do you expect us to try out every single one of our favorite-or-would-be-favorite restaurants in a scant seven days? These special deals and enticing menus are too much to cram into one tiny week. So really, we’ve got to hand it to the county—they’ve figured out what we really want. We want three course meals, a great price, and a night off from doing the dishes—make that, seventeen nights.

If you’re not familiar with Restaurant Week (for shame!), here’s the rundown: for one week (whatever that means) local restaurants offer a special 3-course prix fixe menu (usually around $25 for dinner, though there are lunch options, too). It’s basically an ideal opportunity to try out new restaurants you’ve always been intrigued by, but never made the time to visit; or go to your favorite old standby, but this time, indulge in an appetizer and dessert! There are so many great participating restaurants that we’d be remiss if we gave a partial list, but trust us—there’s enough variety that you can take the whole family out one night, plan a romantic date just for the two of you, and contrive the world’s-best-lunch-meeting context more than once.

Baltimore County Restaurant Week runs through August 25. For more information on participating restaurants and their menus, visit

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